Monday, 31 December 2012


2012 will end soon. Time flies unbelievably fast. Looking back, counting the blessings that have been given to me. It was 2 years ago when i dreaming to study fashion in London and now....Here i am. Of course not in an easy way, it needed so much effort and i feel my personality, skill and mentality deeply shaped during the process. This is the biggest blessing i got in this year. Not only the present (that i got accepted in London) but also everything about it (the process, the pain, the joy, the failure and the success and how all of them shape me). 2012 is such a splendiferous year! 
Overjoyed. I see hope. I see future in the coming year. I have planned so many things to do for my education purpose, even not only in the fashion industry. Before stepping into that level, i realize that i should manage my self first. Ourselves are the axis. We couldn't do things right if we are not right. 
Usually, i note down my resolution every new year's eve and i will pray for it. I personally think, a new year is not a perfect time to decide to change but to commit to change. It is never easy to change, but just keep coming back when you start going out of the track again and it all will work. Inspire yourself with any positive thing.
Evaluate yourself, be thankful for the blessings, feel deep into your heart and let's make a resolution for the new year and keep believing that you will be not a same person anymore. 


Vintage Blazer - Thrifted | White Lacy Top, Red Ribboned Skirt - Topshop | Golden Classic Watch - Massimo Dutti | Red Kitten Heels - OFFICE | Green Bag - Louis Vuitton


  1. Happy New Year, cucaaan! And congratulations on your new hair now we can foto foto like twins haha. But actually I'm a bit galau lately, antara potong poni atau dipanjangin. Bagusan yang mana? Galau! ><

    1. Happy New Year kakak! :D I know, right! Soal rambut memang ngegalauin hahaha. I really like your current fringe, it suits you and it's just vintage kinda thing. Tapi kalo kakak mau panjangin terus dikesampingin juga nggapapa, sekaligus coba-coba gaya baru. Kalo dipanjangin juga ntar fringe jadi bisa ikut dinaikin kalo buat vintage hair updo :D/

    2. Yang poni rata terus dibelah dua kan? I actually kinda like it too :D Hmm apa dipotong aja ya? Ini lebih menggalaukan daripada cowok deh haha. Okedeh san thanks for the advice yaa baik baik di London sana. Muah!! :*

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    1. Thankyou Mia! I've been searching for a perfect red shoes for a long time until i met this masterpiece! :)