Monday, 31 December 2012


2012 will end soon. Time flies unbelievably fast. Looking back, counting the blessings that have been given to me. It was 2 years ago when i dreaming to study fashion in London and now....Here i am. Of course not in an easy way, it needed so much effort and i feel my personality, skill and mentality deeply shaped during the process. This is the biggest blessing i got in this year. Not only the present (that i got accepted in London) but also everything about it (the process, the pain, the joy, the failure and the success and how all of them shape me). 2012 is such a splendiferous year! 
Overjoyed. I see hope. I see future in the coming year. I have planned so many things to do for my education purpose, even not only in the fashion industry. Before stepping into that level, i realize that i should manage my self first. Ourselves are the axis. We couldn't do things right if we are not right. 
Usually, i note down my resolution every new year's eve and i will pray for it. I personally think, a new year is not a perfect time to decide to change but to commit to change. It is never easy to change, but just keep coming back when you start going out of the track again and it all will work. Inspire yourself with any positive thing.
Evaluate yourself, be thankful for the blessings, feel deep into your heart and let's make a resolution for the new year and keep believing that you will be not a same person anymore. 


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Monday, 24 December 2012

Let The Colors Brighten Up Your Christmas

♫ ♪ Joy to the world
All the boys and girls
     Joy to the people everywhere you see
         Joy to you and me ♫ ♪

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

All About Christmas (1)

What would you do if you have a chance to go back to your hometown for Christmas, but this is also your first time in London and they offer you Christmas decorations everywhere you go, Christmas markets, Christmas shows,Winter Wonderland, etc? Yeah, i am not going back to my hometown this Christmas. Of course the decorations, markets and shows are not the main reason. Of course if truth be told i want to spend Christmas with my family. Besides the ticket price is costing the earth, it is also because my holiday is just 3 weeks. Moreover, i have many holiday homeworks. So i have planned to just go back on Summer where i would have a longer holiday. Sadly, this is also my first time spending Christmas far away from my family.
I stay here only with my brother. We are going to break the loneliness and make the happiest Christmas day. As there is a Christmas market near my house, we went there for lunch and took some photos. I do love Christmas markets. They have pretty-decorated-stalls, carrousel, churros, burgers, gummies, mulled wine, vintage books, hats, fake snow, christmas tree decorations, etc. One thing i am still waiting for is snow. Most of my friends said that it wasn't as beautiful as what you think, but i just too excited! We'll see! :)

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Lately it's very chilly in London. Yes, it's winter now. I am excited because, you know, Indonesia has no winter and this is my first time living in a country that has 4 seasons. Part of this feeling, i felt like having a fur coat. Not a real fur. Faux fur. I am an animal lover, for sure. I have 7 dogs at home in Indonesia and i love them so much. I do love furry animals. For me it's not cool at all to kill animals just for taking the fur, or the ivory, etc. Not cool at all. 
Well, maybe, some people around me said that it needed a lot of confident to wear a fur coat and some of them said that fur coat was for older woman. But for me? Nope. Here i am wearing my vintage faux fur coat. I feel really good wearing it. It's really fashionable. It's a real vintage and classy style. Sophisticated, as you could see below :) Fur coat gives the elegant look and it keeps you warm as well. I am glad i have found this, the one that i am wearing in my pictures below, because actually it was really difficult for me to find the one that i wanted. 
So, this pictures were taken by my brother, another SSS, Samuel Starlight Simanjuntak in a hurry, before we went to the church. I am sorry if maybe they are not looks like a really proper fashion photo shoot. See you on the next post ! Cheers!

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