Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Splendid Beginning

What i have in these photos below is H A P P I N E S S. I have a very electrifying yet surprising week as a starter of the new year. On the 1st day of January an email from Teen Vogue surprised me as they said that i have been hand-selected as a Teen Vogue Fashion Click Featured Blogger and in the very next day Today I Wear team from British Vogue Website emailed me that i have been featured on British Vogue Facebook page. The email from TIW team came along with another email which is the most astonishing news. Believe me, i can't bear to share you about it now, but i can't. But don't worry, I undoubtedly will share it when "that" time comes ;)
Lately i also feel so inspired. Actually, i always open my self to get, my mind to think, my heart to feel and my eyes to see something new & positive surround me. It makes me get inspired easily and i love how the new things effect my life, my fashion and my art works. Tuesday would be the first day of the new term at uni and i am so excited. Maybe this term will be harder than the last one, will be more challenging, will have more difficult and complicated projects, will increasingly make my bedtime less, but i believe that this inspired feeling will make me never get stuck. It is the moment when the "difficulty" is not even a thing because you know that you are not just going to stand still in silence but will be able to overcome it soon. Keep trying like the answer will come after one more effort. I am so curious about what project we will have next!
So, have an exciting year, dearest readers! Get some sunny shower and be thankful deeply in your heart because you still can feel the warmth. Cheers!

Tosca Bikers Jacket, Lacy Top, Golden Bag - Thrifted | Baroque Inspired Short - Topshop | Red Kitten Heels - OFFICE | Watch - Massimo Dutti | Cat Eye Shades - ADR for H&M 

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