Sunday, 9 December 2012

Me Wearing My First Designed Skirt

I am wearing my first made-by-me-skirt in these photos. Yes, i made this dashing pleated skirt & i am very proud of my self. I have never touched sewing machine before. I was always curious when i saw my Grandma's classic sewing machine. I couldn't stop imagining how that magical machine works to make the white lacy blanket that i used to use when i was a child. And now, i am overjoyed because i could make my first skirt by the domestic sewing machine by learning with all my heart at my university. My uni is also remarkable! I have learnt so much in only 2 months. I HAVE LEARNED TO MAKE KINDS OF SKIRT AND TROUSERS IN 2 MONTHS in pattern cutting class and even i have another astounding classes such as Drawing, History of Arts and Fashion System. Isn't it amazing? I feel so blessed for i could study in here. Maybe it was a bit challenging for me for the first time making the pattern and using the machine. But after working heartily and practicing a lot, now i do adore doing this.

Dashing pleated skirt - Suzanne Sarah | Floral head piece - Accesorize | Nostalgic ear ring - gift from my aunty | Little black bag - Next | Formal oxford shoes - a random shop in Singapore | Black & white jumper - H&M | Vintage collared white shirt - Vintage Shop | Floral blazer - Vintage Shop | Tights - Topshop | Purple glittered socks - Topshop


  1. ahahhhaha spot foto kita sama suuuss haha

    1. Udah jelas kan Ni siapa yang nyaranin tempat fotonya siapa hahaha