Monday, 1 April 2013

When Big Ben is No Longer The Focus

In one side, this week seemed so long but in the other side it is also seemed so fast. So many things happened and new experiences came. On friday i went to Portobello market for the very first time. It is a pretty market that sells antiques, vintage fashion and yummy foods. It had a really nice time there with my friends. I found my red coat and earrings that i wear in these photos there. Even for the earrings, i got them free because my friend Anissa bought a fur coat in the same shop hahaha. Another thing that i am sure will catch your eyes, is my disco pants. Oh i fell in love at the first sight when i went to Primark. I do not shop there often, but this one is such a fashionable pants! 

Coat, Top, Earrings - Vintage | Pants - Primark | Shoes - Topshop 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Another Extraordinary Day

I have been searching for a dungaree for such a long time. Surprisingly, lately we can find it easily in London. I think it's so fun to wear it as it fits my personality. It brings the active, nerdy and artsy impression in a fashionable way. Then, it's so 70's as well! 
We'll have Indonesian Night tomorrow at Imperial College London and i'll be performing Tari Saman (Dance of Thousand Hands) from Aceh. Today we had a rehearsal and my dungaree was just a perfect outfit for it. All i can say is... i can't wait for tomorrow. This is my first time doing this dance, but we have practiced so much for this event, though. I'm just too proud for being able to introduce this precious Indonesian dance to people in London.
Well, today was a really great day. It was snowing so hard outside. Yes, yes i know it should be spring now but i can't lie, i always love snow. Lucky me, our practice room was surrounded by glass walls so that we could see the garden covered by snow outside. Can you imagine how great was that? ><

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Milan Day 2 & 3

In our second and third day in Milan, still, we went to restaurants to grab some pastas, pizzas and another Italian foods. They were just so scrumptious! We also went to the fabulous Corso Como and spent our second afternoon in Milan there. 
As my uni, Istituto Marangoni is based in Milan and has branches in London and Paris, we can do transfer to Milan and Paris campus. So, to fulfill our curiosity we went to see how the Milan campus was in our third day. Unlucky us, the students there were having exam so that we could not have a tour inside. So we just saw the first floor, but still we had a great time as we had a chance to see it. 
After all, our Milan trip was amazing! 

Blazer, Bag,Top - Vintage | Skirt & Boots - Topshop 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Milan Day 1

Milan, is one of the fashion cities i really want to visit. The night before we went there, I couldn't sleep maybe because of the happy vibe but it didn't stop me to have a long long walk in Milan in the next day. Yes, we had a long walk. We realized that in our last day when we took Metro (underground) to the same place from our hotel and we passed many stations. Lucky us, in day 1 we even didn't use maps for the directions, we just walked by feeling and we found almost everything we wanted to see. So, indeed i did enjoy every little thing in Milan. Especially, the foods. We stopped many times just to eat and had a taste of the Italian foods. My favorite were seafood pasta and their cioccolato fondente ice cream. I couldn't imagine how massive my body would be if i lived in Milan. Besides that, i also love their language. I wish i could speak Italian. It's just beautiful and nice to be heard. 
As what i have said in my previous post, here i have photos to share my experience in Milan with you. Enjoy! 


Some Italian words : 
Good morning - Buon giorno
Exit ( Noun) - Uscita
Bye - Ciao
Thank you - Grazie
Fashion ( Noun) - Moda

Coat, Top : Vintage | Outerwear, Sunnies : ASOS | Skirt , Boots : Topshop | Bag : Vivienne Westwood

Monday, 4 March 2013

Pretty Little Canal Called Little Venice

I have known the beauty of this place since early February, when i had an appointment for Schengen Visa, as the building (called Battleship Building because that's how the building looks like) was just beside this little canal. Yes, i am going to Milan, the second fashion city after Paris and before London! Even though, that time i had a bad day because it was so complicated to manage the Visa, but the scenery just healed the hard feeling. This place is such a cutie! It's like a watercourse among buildings. From what i have known, it looks like what they have in Venice (I have never been there, but one day i will!). They also have vintage wooden colorful ships to bring you travel along the canal.  
I think i just deserve this Milan treat as i think i have been working so hard in this second term and i just finished the exam on last Wednesday. Everyday was a busy day and i had no time to update my blog whereas i wanted to. I always hanker after updating my blog. I did diligent efforts for home works and practices and my self also engaged in some internships for London Fashion Week. Now i have 2 weeks off and will go to Milan for holiday with my class mates. Can't wait to bring Milan to you by my blog!

Coat, Top & Jumper - Vintage | Collar Guard & Skirt - Mommy's | Shoes - Topshop | Watch - Massimo Dutti | Bag - Vivienne Westwood