Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Lately it's very chilly in London. Yes, it's winter now. I am excited because, you know, Indonesia has no winter and this is my first time living in a country that has 4 seasons. Part of this feeling, i felt like having a fur coat. Not a real fur. Faux fur. I am an animal lover, for sure. I have 7 dogs at home in Indonesia and i love them so much. I do love furry animals. For me it's not cool at all to kill animals just for taking the fur, or the ivory, etc. Not cool at all. 
Well, maybe, some people around me said that it needed a lot of confident to wear a fur coat and some of them said that fur coat was for older woman. But for me? Nope. Here i am wearing my vintage faux fur coat. I feel really good wearing it. It's really fashionable. It's a real vintage and classy style. Sophisticated, as you could see below :) Fur coat gives the elegant look and it keeps you warm as well. I am glad i have found this, the one that i am wearing in my pictures below, because actually it was really difficult for me to find the one that i wanted. 
So, this pictures were taken by my brother, another SSS, Samuel Starlight Simanjuntak in a hurry, before we went to the church. I am sorry if maybe they are not looks like a really proper fashion photo shoot. See you on the next post ! Cheers!

Vintage Floral Headpiece - Frock Vintage Fair | Faux Fur Coat - www.faux.co.uk | Pointy Collared Shirt - Thrifted | White Skirt - Topshop | Square Brownie Bag - Gift from my aunty | Boots - Topshop


  1. astaga kemaren kakak ke gereja pake kombinasi lace skirt yg panjangnya kirakira segitu dan boots coklat kembar kita loh. why so sehati ya, haha.