Friday, 7 December 2012

Westminster Bridge

I am so happy for finally i could have a holiday. I could do photo shoot again. I usually have a very very busy college day. I even don't have enough time for sleep sometimes, But as i do love what i am doing, i have passion for it, it is never too tired for me to work. Today I went to cinema to watch Silver Linings with my friend, Shanka, but before that, we took some fashionable photos first at Westminster Bridge, just near my flat. 
The sun was shining brightly. But because the season is Winter, the sun set faster (before 4 pm). Sometimes it makes me miss the sunshine easily. What i wore for the photo was my classy patterned blazer shirt. OK, i name it by myself hahaha. I bought it maybe around 3-4 months ago. But i have never worn it before for photo shoot because i kept thinking what should i wear with it. It is just too beautiful.

Coat - Banana Republic | Classy Blazer Shirt - Vintage Shop in Indonesia | Black Skirt - Vintage Shop in Indonesia | Hat - Vintage Shop in Paris | Bag - Vintage Shop in Indonesia | Tights - Topshop | Boots - Topshop

OK, now, meet Shanka, a very smart yet creative friend from Jakarta. She was the one who kindly took the photos for me :)