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Her name is Grabielle Chanel, but well-knowned as Coco Chanel. She started her career in fashion in 1909 when she opened her first millinery shop. She was, without doubt, the most influential fashion designer of the twentieth century. Her signature collection is little black dress, tweed suit and quilted bag. As she did her designs away went superfluous decoration and bone-crushing corsets, she did a feminine emancipation. Her look was easy, unconstrained : slender, glorify-ing the body in the most relaxed manner , modern and free, a kind of miracle. After designing and selling hats, she started to make a sports wear for girl and for her elegance in clothing is the freedom to move, haute couture and until now Chanel's legendary fashion house continues to exert a powerful influence over the imagination of today's designers.

The world was moving on, the wind was changing. In eighties, people no longer mainstream in the world of modern fashion design. Chanel realized that she needed someone to inject a new dynamism into it. Karl Lagerfeld was the someone. The image he had created when he was in charge of haute couture and ready-to-wear range was intrinsically youthful, satisfied the fashion demands of the young women of the day and recalled the provocative, free-spirited Chanel of earlier times.

Mood board to show the mood of Chanel collection :


I think the latest collection of CHANEL (Spring-Summer 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection) is classy, young andbeautifully simple. It brings out the Chanel signature style and there is more volume. The silhouette of most of them is A-Line or Bolero. Black and white still chosen for most of them. But the rests which have colors also eye-catching and not losing the signature style and i see it as a touch of spring. The accessories such as bags, hats, necklaces and bracelets do completes the look.




And the atmosphere of the fashion show is :






 Exhibition in Saatchi Gallery :



Key People in Chanel :

Karl Ladgerfeld, Head Designer and Creative Director
Jacques Polge, Master Perfumer
Alain Wartheimer, co-owner
Gerard Wartheimer, co-owner
Maureen Chiquet, Global Chief Executive Officer
John Galantic, President, U.S. and Chief Operating Officer

Revenue : €1.809 billion (2010) Net Income :€280.3 million (2010)

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Price of The Collection :

Bags : $2500 - $4000

Jewelry & Accessories : $200 - $3200

Make up : $30 - $40

Perfumes : $160 - $270

I think Chanel get a big demand from whole over the world. Perhaps their market target is for the clothes and bag collections are middle and upper class as the prices are above $2000. But at the end It always depend on the income of the people in every city. Fortunately, a Chanel fan from middle and lower class still could get the make-up, skin care and the perfume with the affordable price. I think it is one of their good marketing strategy.

Credits :

CHANEL, The Vocabulary of Style by Jerome Gautier

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The Fashion City - Jakarta, Indonesia

I choose Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia as the fashion city dor some reasons :


"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different" - Coco Chanel

Fashion is when creativity meets intelligence. It is where the imagination and vision coalesce. Every people wears fashion. But someone who is not really into it will wear something they like and otherwise, someone who is into it will bring out the meaning and character. Every differences become a splendor in fashion. So do not follow fashion, be fashion.

            Street Style at Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2012/2013, source :