Saturday, 9 March 2013

Milan Day 2 & 3

In our second and third day in Milan, still, we went to restaurants to grab some pastas, pizzas and another Italian foods. They were just so scrumptious! We also went to the fabulous Corso Como and spent our second afternoon in Milan there. 
As my uni, Istituto Marangoni is based in Milan and has branches in London and Paris, we can do transfer to Milan and Paris campus. So, to fulfill our curiosity we went to see how the Milan campus was in our third day. Unlucky us, the students there were having exam so that we could not have a tour inside. So we just saw the first floor, but still we had a great time as we had a chance to see it. 
After all, our Milan trip was amazing! 

Blazer, Bag,Top - Vintage | Skirt & Boots - Topshop 

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