Sunday, 24 March 2013

Another Extraordinary Day

I have been searching for a dungaree for such a long time. Surprisingly, lately we can find it easily in London. I think it's so fun to wear it as it fits my personality. It brings the active, nerdy and artsy impression in a fashionable way. Then, it's so 70's as well! 
We'll have Indonesian Night tomorrow at Imperial College London and i'll be performing Tari Saman (Dance of Thousand Hands) from Aceh. Today we had a rehearsal and my dungaree was just a perfect outfit for it. All i can say is... i can't wait for tomorrow. This is my first time doing this dance, but we have practiced so much for this event, though. I'm just too proud for being able to introduce this precious Indonesian dance to people in London.
Well, today was a really great day. It was snowing so hard outside. Yes, yes i know it should be spring now but i can't lie, i always love snow. Lucky me, our practice room was surrounded by glass walls so that we could see the garden covered by snow outside. Can you imagine how great was that? ><

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  1. seriously tho.. you look like the girl from catatan si boy in 90's era. hehehe.. <3